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Super pleased to announce the...


From June 7th to June 13th, Rokenri will be joining our sister band Toebow for a mini-tour of northeast USA! I put a bunch of new sounds together for this one, and enlisted the help of Sarah Goldfeather (of Goldfeather) and Martin Zimmerman (of Toebow, MartZ, and BOBBY) to help flesh them out into real tunes!

Come out and say hey! I would really love to see you! Music is just the pretense for seeing your sweet face!!!

See poster above for show dates! And see below for all upcoming shows, including the tour dates!

Sending all my love out to you past the screen and into your face.



photo of rokenri march 3rd 2017
Rokenri is the songwriting project of Ethan Woods.

Sullied Tide music video. Directed by Rikki Barney. Good vibes provided by Melissa Rocha. Off of the album DONKEY DONKEY.

Modern Ways live in Akin Studios. Filmed by Angus McCullough. Recorded by J.J. Beck and Michael Chinworth. Off of the album DONKEY DONKEY.

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Yesterday we played Sunnyvale BK, a newish venue on Grand St in Brooklyn. The venue was had a real small town vibe, like an old converted recreation center in an old barn. When we were loading gear, I was excited to find out Ariel, who used to book and manage shows at Palisades in Broolkyn(which is now defunct) is now doing the same work for Sunnyvale. He's a super nice guy, and keeps things really low key and easy.

We played our set after Sarah led me and Martin through an improvised energy focus hand ceremony while Dave the sound guy looked on skeptically.

The set was great. I think we were a little nervous, since it was our first time running through the new material live, but once the music started I felt like we really got lost in the murkiness of it all. I felt super loose and danced a bunch. We played 'Mossing Around', 'Shamu', 'The Loyal Dogs', and 'Pooks Pt 1', which are all brand new tunes.

Toebow naturally won everyone over with their set. Their music is so immediate. I'm always super inspired by how they seem to work. They fold in some really wild musical ideas into a super appealing sound.

I regretfully missed most of Abraham King's set, but what little I caught sounded rad. It reminded me a lot of midwest rock music. Looks Like Mountains was wonderful. We got to talk with Jack and Donny from the band afterwards, and both were total sweethearts. We talked about maybe setting up a house show in Boston together in the not too distant future.

One of the best parts of the night was the giant brown chair at Sunnyvale. Me and Martin sat in it together, a moment Tanya caught on digital film with her phone. It was one of the most comfortable chairs I've sat in ever. If you ever make it to Sunnyvale, find time to sit in that chair.

Tomorrow we're headed to Philly. Everytime I go to Philly, I think about this one bar I went to with Lauren a while back. I'm not sure why, it wasn't a very special place, just a sports bar with pool tables. But for whatever reason, it's etched into my memory of Philadelphia.

More soon!



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